Starry Night

CSG Founder Ron Stanley



Critical Search Group (CSG) is a small, niche search firm focused on filling the most critical roles in the Intelligence Community.  We specialize in working with prime contractors, subcontractors and product/platform firms who support the Ft. Meade and Langley customers, as well as other IC agencies.  We have a massive network built over 18 years of work in the IC, mostly from referrals and one-person-at-a-time networking.  This allows us to rapidly reach people who are not "on the market", but who are open to change for outstanding opportunities.  We provide people you won't find from advertising, searching job boards, or messaging through LinkedIn or other social media.

There are three reasons to engage CSG instead of other firms to fill your most critical roles:


  • All searches are conducted by Ron Stanley, our founder.

  • Your critical role will get focused, specialized attention.

  • You will have ZERO financial risk in engaging us.


Before CSG, Ron Stanley spent 18 years building what is now the top technical search firm in the IC/DoD, Stanley Reid & Company.  He has directly placed hundreds of highly-cleared individuals in Business Unit leadership, Technology leadership, BD/Capture, Program Management, TTO Lead, and Senior Engineering roles.


Mr. Stanley's background is uniquely suited to succeed in Intel Community recruiting:

  • 18 years of experience in IC recruiting

  • Deep technical knowledge from graduate degrees in Computer Science and Physics and a prior career as a software engineering group lead

  • Deep knowledge of Ft. Meade and Langley programs

  • Direct experience running an Intel Community consulting firm: founded, led, and spun off an IC software development, data science, and cybersecurity company that made the Inc. 5000

  • Experience helping multiple small firms grow and get acquired by bringing them key BD/capture talent to win work and key technical and program talent to deliver it


If you work with a typical contingent search firm, your role will be just one of dozens that a recruiter is working on. CSG strives to work on, at most, 3 concurrent searches.  If you engage us, you'll receive daily focused attention and you will receive strongly matching candidates.


While we do require a retainer to start a search, we will refund that retainer if we aren't able to provide at least 3 interested, matching candidates within 45 days.  Also, if you hire someone through us who doesn't work out, we'll conduct a replacement search at no additional cost.